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This week’s WordPress Digest features stories on the what motivates spammers, the danger of too many WordPress plugins, how to improve the WordPress Editor, and more.


Last week, Wordfence published a fantastic article about how one very prolific group of hackers were using WordPress sites to drive traffic to counterfeit NFL sportswear. Torque discusses that analysis and more in this week’s video.

How to Prevent a WordPress Plugin From Breaking Your Site

Plugins add to a WordPress site, but too many plugins can be bad. Knowing how and when to do some plugin spring cleaning is vital so that your site doesn’t crash.

Improve the WordPress Editor by Contributing to the Gutenberg Project

To improve the WordPress editor, co-founder Matt Mullenweg is calling for the community to contribute to the Gutenberg Project. If you’re a user of WordPress, this is a great opportunity to get involved in an essential part of the CMS’s functionality. Read more here.

4 Key Misconceptions About WordPress Development You Should Ignore

WordPress has a big target on its back. Because it’s so popular, the CMS is often slandered by competitors. However, here are the biggest misconceptions about WordPress debunked.

Data and the WordPress Community

Data and WordPress can work together. Hear from Vova Feldman, CEO and Founder of Freemius, discuss providing theme developers with new data to help figure out their users.

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