When visitors come to your WordPress site, one of the first things they will see is your site’s tagline. It’s a very important element and it determines the fundamental value of your website in the eyes of its visitors. For that reason, it’s necessary to learn how to write a perfect tagline for your WordPress site, since it will optimize the image of your brand and strengthen your online presence. Let’s cover what makes a good tagline and some tips to ease the creation process.

Why Your Site’s Tagline is Important

An attractive tagline always makes for a great first impression. It summarizes your whole site’s content in just a short sentence, briefly telling visitors what your website is all about. Many WordPress themes have this element as part of the header which is placed at the top of every page. Alongside the title, the tagline plays an important role in directly promoting your content to first-time visitors. Optimizing your site’s tagline has the following benefits:

  • Communicates the niche or focus of your site.
  • Introduces your site’s style.
  • Emphasizes your branding.
  • Improves your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


After realizing these benefits, you may consider creating your site’s tagline for a better promotional effect. Fortunately, that’s an easy thing to do within WordPress. It’s worth noting, though, that not all WordPress themes keep the tagline on display, some will hide it unless you opt to show it through the theme’s settings. The exact way you do it depends on the theme you use, but most of the time you can simply go to Appearance -> Customize from your dashboard, to access the WordPress Customizer.


Alternatively, you can customize your tagline by using a WordPress page builder plugin, which allows for greater flexibility in customization. There are lots of page builders available in the market, with the most popular among them include Elementor, SiteOrigin, and Divi Builder.

How to Write a Perfect Tagline for Your WordPress Site


The following tutorial will walk you through how to write a perfect tagline for your WordPress site:

1. Consider Your Website’s Style and Niche

It’s important that your tagline communicates the niche of your site as well as your target audience since it’s one of the first things that visitors will see when they come to your site. So the tagline should be perfectly aligned with your site’s niche.


If you haven’t determined your site’s niche, you better do it now. Identify the type of content that you plan to publish on the site, in addition to the exact target audience that you want to attract to it. Your content should have a specific focus that gives your first-time visitors a glimpse of what your site is about. After thinking about all this carefully, your next step is to come up with tagline possibilities that represent your website as a whole.


This will help you figure out what keywords you want to associate with your brand. Here you don’t necessarily need to consider SEO. Focus on your site’s values and mission. Write down these keywords and start brainstorming some ideas. At this point, you can try using a slogan generator, like the one provided by Zyro to get some generated suggestions.


When starting a site, you will want to look at every angle to ensure that your preparation is faultless, and when you launch your business, it will really have a great chance of success. Finding your website’s style and niche is no different here. It’s one of the determining factors of your site’s success.


Consider researching brand books and style guides of other well-established companies for some inspiration. MailChimp is a great example – their style guide not only details how they write, but why they do it too.

2. Insert powerful keywords

What are powerful keywords? Simply put, they’re long-tail keywords that have enough search volume but with relatively low competition levels. Examples are like “small business development center”, which is an excellent pick for your tagline.


Since your website will not only be visited by humans but also search engine bots, having some strong keywords included in your tagline will help your website grow its online presence faster. It’s a good thing that search engines today recognize alternative keywords, so they can be helpful too if you want to use them to boost your SEO. Anyway, you will always want to incorporate relevant keywords to make a great tagline for your WordPress site.


If you want an example, in this case, the alternative keywords to “increase your search engine visibility” are “increase your site search ranking”. If you look carefully, these two sets of keywords actually have the same search intent despite their difference in wording. That’s since more visibility basically also means better ranking, so whichever of these keywords you pick should make a perfect tagline for your site.


Generally speaking, you will need to choose broad keywords that express your website as a whole. The keywords don’t have to be exactly the same as what the search engines want or suggest, but they can be alternative keywords that will work just as great.

3. Integrate Your Tagline with Branding

To effectively communicate your tagline, you shouldn’t isolate it but integrate it with your overall branding. You can increase your brand awareness by incorporating your tagline into your logo, which would make it look striking alongside your site’s title.


There’s no question that branding is very important for a website, and sometimes it takes only a simple but attractive logo to make your branding stand out and effective. An eye-catching logo will easily connect with your targeted audience and stick in their minds, eventually boosting your visibility online. So if you haven’t given a lot of attention to your brand, now is the time.


When incorporating your tagline into your overall branding, you should maintain design consistency throughout your website. You can add a logo around your title and tagline, merge your title and tagline into a logo, or give your title and tagline texts a color that matches the rest of your website’s color scheme.


If you successfully create harmony between the title, tagline and the rest of the elements of your site, you will build an unforgettable brand experience for your visitors, so they will return to your site or even tell others to check out your site.


Most of the time, new visitors spend a minute or less on your site. After that, they will leave unless they find something interesting that will keep them engaged. Your tagline is one of the imperative elements for encouraging visitors to stay longer on your site and for making the best first impressions that will help communicate with the right audience.