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The Ultimate DIY Website

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Get a beautifully designed website online in minutes, not months.
And skip the design studio’s high price and lengthy (outdated) process

If you’re a self-starter savvy enough to figure out email,
you could have a fully functional WordPress website in just a few minutes.

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“WPinOneClick is totally in line with what I teach in my own course. Getting a business website shouldn’t take months to do. I recommend this to all my students who don’t yet have a website.”

-Jessica Jobes

Hi, I’m Jeffrey

If you’re a DIY master and you’ve been thinking of starting your own online business, you’re in the right place.

Having a website is the foundation for building a business and there’s no better platform than WordPress. But, the process for getting started can feel daunting.

  • What hosting company should you use?
  • How do you choose a good theme when there are over 15,000 to choose from?
  • How do you edit the content once you have a website?
  • And after you’ve launched your site, how are people going to find it?

Unlike Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace, a self-hosted WordPress website can scale as your business grows. You won’t end up paying more for extra features or abandoning your website for a more scalable solution later.

And, as an entrepreneur, you plan on growing fast.

Here’s the bottom line, time is of the essence. 

WPinOneClick was built to save you time and money by putting together the three most powerful components of a solid business website.

“Working with WPinOneClick has been such a pleasure. Jeffrey has a friendly and laid back character that puts my worries at ease. He knows the ins and outs of his craft and offers an incredible value for the work provided. I highly recommend WPinOneClick.”

-Laura Reoch, September Days Photography

Zero to website in ONE DAY

Skip the long, expensive, and outdated studio process and get your ultimate DIY website online in less time than it takes to choose a Netflix movie


  • Discovery meetings
  • Wireframe and sitemap approvals
  • Design meetings
  • Content meetings
  • Design approval meetings
  • Content approval meetings
  • Functional requirement meetings
  • Development (waiting period)
  • Testing (waiting period)
  • Presentation meetings
  • Handoff and site launch meetings

With a course to guide you

Avoid the youtube wild goose chase and obliterate the learning curve with a full, online course to guide you, step-by-step, from novice to master
FREE with purchase ($2,440 Value)


  • WordPress walk-through to get familiar
  • Step-by-step instructions for editing your own content
  • Make it yours with branding and colors
  • Explore 6 critical plugins and how they help
  • Prepare your new site for marketing
  • Set up your own email using gSuites
  • A hand-held guide to making your new site live
  • Connect your site to Facebook and Google Analytics
  • Dive deeper into advanced editing and styling your content
See what’s in the course

“My previous website crashed and I lost almost everything. I needed a new website ASAP that was secure and could also be powerful enough to handle growth. I’m lucky I found WPinOneClick. It saved my business!”

– Gabe Schillinger, Legion Beats

Welcome to the easiest & fastest
ultimate DIY website that you own

It’s really this easy

Here’s how

“WPinOneClick has helped me build three websites. Following the online course I was able to change the demo design to match my own branding and it helped me stand out of the crowd with my unique look. WPinOneClick is very responsive and supportive, and continues to update my websites to keep me visible in the marketplace.”

– Gloria Dunn-Violin, Having a Life Now, Wiser Ways to Work, Revivement™ Book

What’s included?

  • WP Engine hosting environment setup and optimized for performance and security ($375 value)

  • CDN Speed Boost for Business Class Performance ($20/MONTH value)

  • SSL Certificate for Added Security & Improved SEO ($150/yr value)

  • WordPress Installed and Set Up ($99 value)

  • The Avada Theme + Content Installed and Ready to Edit ($111 value)

  • WPEngine Content Performance Plugin ($200 value)

  • WordPress Management & Updates ($350/MONTH value)

  • Monthly Site Health, Analytics & Security Reports ($200/MONTH value)

$1,505 Total value

$997 Puts it all together

$37.95 /mo keeps it going

Let’s Get Started!

“I had my biggest conference ever happening in just a couple weeks and my old website was embarrassing. WPinOneClick helped me get a new site up in the nick-of-time and it blows my previous site out of the water. Now I’m proud to show off my website.”

– Rita Giacalone, Dewpoint Consulting

“I stack my clients back-to-back. I don’t have time to check on my website. I trust WPinOneClick to have my back. For me, it’s one less thing I have to think about. ”

– Lynsie Gautereaux, Plum Salon Marin

The DIY Website Agile Enough for any Business!

The World’s Leading CMS + The #1 Selling Theme of All Time + World Class Managed Hosting.
You build it. You own it.

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