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Your WordPress Website


Without Paying Design Studio Prices

Remove the tech barriers to getting a beautiful, professional, and powerful website online in less time than it takes to choose a movie for date night.

Life’s too short, and you’re already losing business…

Are you frustrated with that HUGE web agency quote?

Are you tired of waiting MONTHS to get your website?

Are you just not sure where to start?

Life’s too short to waste money on an outdated and inflated process.

Get your own professional website today for less than $1,000!

“WPinOneClick is totally in line with what I teach in my own course. Getting a business website shouldn’t take months. I recommend this to all my students who don’t yet have a website.”

-Jessica Jobes

Big brands know a secret…

Big brands like Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook know something that maybe you don’t.

With their billions of dollars in research, they’ve figured out something profound. Something that most business owners and entrepreneurs wouldn’t even dream of!

Do you want to know their secret?

First, you need to understand
why this is so important.

For the past 20 years, I’ve built more than 400 custom WordPress websites. I’ve helped more than 400 entrepreneurs and local businesses grow into something they can be proud of.

I made good money, and my clients were happy, but the process was really long and very expensive. And to be honest, there were many that I couldn’t help.

Some people just needed a simple website that could grow with them as they became more successful, but they didn’t yet have the success or the budget to hire me for a custom build.

And that leads us to why you’re here, and why this could be the best decision you’ve ever made…

There’s a cost to waiting…

So, here it is. What do big brands know that you don’t?

They understand the price of opportunity. They understand that something is better than nothing. And that getting something live on the web brings in extremely valuable feedback about your business.

This is how they grow so quickly. It’s not their big budgets. It’s not that they have better marketing agents.

It’s because they’re able to act fast, and make changes even faster.

So, what does that have to do with you and your website?

Skip the long, expensive, and outdated studio process, and get your ultimate DIY website online in less time than it takes to choose a Netflix movie…

Zero to Website in 2 hrs

The key is moving as fast as you can. Wasting time can be a costly mistake.

The average website project takes about 6 months using a traditional web agency.

That’s 6 months that you’re losing traffic, losing money, and not learning a damn thing!

Skip that $#ît:

  • Discovery meetings
  • Wireframe and sitemap approvals
  • Design meetings
  • Content meetings
  • Design approval meetings
  • Content approval meetings
  • Functional requirement meetings
  • Development (waiting period)
  • Testing (waiting period)
  • Presentation meetings
  • Handoff and site launch meetings

These things are just there so agencies can charge you more money!!

The truth is, you don’t need an agency to build your own website.

Start your site today!

Launch your website today, and start driving traffic now!

Imagine where your entrepreneurial journey will be 6 months from now, and take action today.

  1. Get your login in 2 hours
  2. Swap out your content, images, and words
  3. Launch it to the world and start marketing

Perfection is the killer of progress. Start where you are and build into beauty.

This is what the big brands are already doing, why can’t you?

“Working with WPinOneClick has been such a pleasure. Jeffrey has a friendly and laid back character that puts my worries at ease. He knows the in’s and out’s of his craft and offers an incredible value for the work provided. I highly recommend WPinOneClick.”

-Laura Reoch, September Days Photography

How easy is it?

“My previous website crashed, and I lost almost everything. I needed a new website ASAP that was secure and could also be powerful enough to handle growth. I’m lucky I found WPinOneClick. It saved my business!”

– Gabe Schillinger, Legion Beats

What’s included?

Continual Maintenance & Management

Never worry about your site again. We’ve got your back with regular updates, maintenance, security, and performance all taken care of for you.

We take care of:

  • Plugin updates

  • WordPress core updates

  • Theme updates

  • Daily backups

  • One-click restore points

  • Daily malware scans

  • Weekly site performance audit

  • Monthly site health report

Monthly Reports

Get the most valuable info delivered right to your inbox. At a glance, you can see that your site is healthy and taken care of, and how it’s performing. You can check your google ranking and site traffic, and get a bird’s eye view of your WooCommerce stats. All the while knowing your site is secure!

World Class Hosting

Premium Themes Included

No need to reinvent the wheel.
These themes can handle anything you throw at them. Completely versatile and infinitely customizable. Save dozens of hours of setup time using their pre-built launchpad designs.


BYOT – “Bring Your Own Theme”

Free migration!

Like the theme you’ve got, but want the benefits of done-for-you maintenance, security, and reports? Take advantage of our free migration. Send us an email and we’ll help you every step of the way.

All you need is love.

And a domain…

That’s it! A wing and a prayer helps, but all you really need is a domain. The companion course explains everything else.

Need a domain? Try these trusted sellers.

Google Domains
Network Solutions

Let’s break it down

  • World class hosting setup and optimized for performance and security ($375 value)

  • CDN Speed Boost for Business Class Performance ($240/yr value)

  • SSL Certificate for Added Security & Improved SEO ($150/yr value)

  • WordPress Installed and Set Up ($99 value)

  • The Avada Theme + Content Installed and Ready to Edit ($120 value)

  • WordPress Management & Updates ($4,200/yr value)

  • Monthly Site Health, Analytics & Security Reports ($2,400/yr value)

$7,584 Total value


$397/one-time setup



Companion eCourse

Avoid the YouTube wild goose chase, and obliterate the learning curve with a full, online course to guide you, step-by-step, from novice to master

($397 Value)


  • WordPress walk-through to get familiar
  • Step-by-step instructions for editing your own content
  • Make it yours with branding and colors
  • Explore 6 critical plugins and how they help
  • Prepare your new site for marketing
  • Set up your own email using gSuites
  • A hand-held guide to making your new site live
  • Connect your site to Facebook and Google Analytics
  • Dive deeper into advanced editing and styling your content

If for any reason, you’re not satisfied with WPinOneClick within 30 days, we’ll issue a prompt and full refund. There’s only ONE condition: Please tell us the main reason you weren’t happy with the product, so we have a chance to make our product better.

“I had my biggest conference ever happening in just a couple weeks, and my old website was embarrassing. WPinOneClick helped me get a new site up in the nick-of-time, and it blows my previous site out of the water. Now I’m proud to show off my website.”

– Rita Giacalone, Dewpoint Consulting


Can I bring my own theme?2019-03-02T22:46:07-08:00

Of course! We’ve worked with Avada and Newspaper for years and we trust them to be everything you need and more. With that said, if you have one that you prefer, bring it on over! We offer free migrations!

Am I locked into a theme?2019-03-02T22:45:00-08:00

Nope! You can switch themes at any time. There’s a conversion cost of only time. With any theme, if you turn off the page builder, the shortcodes are visible. When you switch themes, you’ll need to move your words into a new page builder. We recommend to stay with the same theme and switch demo designs. This can give your site an entirely new look and feel without having to change themes.

What do I need to get started?2019-03-02T22:47:16-08:00

Just a domain. We take care of everything else.

Is there a yearly plan?2019-10-11T17:21:09-07:00

Yes! when you select to join you will see two options. One for Yearly and one for Monthly. If you choose the yearly plan you actually get 2 months FREE! That’s just our way of saying thank you for your dedication.

Can I cancel at any time?2019-03-02T22:39:07-08:00

Of course! You are never locked in and you’ll never pay for anything you haven’t used.

“I stack my clients back-to-back. I don’t have time to check on my website. I trust WPinOneClick to have my back. For me, it’s one less thing I have to think about. ”

– Lynsie Gautereaux, Plum Salon Marin

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